Backman Kim

2021 Competitions

  • HK Open Spring 2021, All in Game Series (Finland): FCJ Pro Team H&B (Jani Hanka and Kim Backman), 6th place, score 564 (117,114,112,111,110).

Who is Kim?

From: Seinäjoki, Finland

Usually Fishes: Before only at sea, today in different lakes.

What fish species are mainly fished: Pike and pike perch

Fishing style: oblique + live sonar-assisted exact casting / vertical style

The number one lure chain: * information still secret

Days per year in fish: 50-100 days

Personal best (12/2020): Pike + 12kg pike 7.4kg. Ice fishing in the race 4h 19.5kg perch

Seuraa Kimiä instagramissa: @kimb_fincustomjigs