Fincustomjigs ​​Pro Team

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Now is a unique opportunity! Fincustomjigs ​​is looking for top guys to join the Pro team.

There are a total of 3 places open in the team in Europe: for one pike fisherman and for two perch / pike fishermen. We are also looking for two fishermen in Europe.

Are you interested in representing Fincustomjigs' unique craftsmanship and promoting brand awareness?

What do we expect from new team members?

- Commitment to the Pro team and terms of representation (to be provided with selection)

- Social media activity: At least 6 different, high quality fishing posts per month on social media (posts should include Fincustomjigs ​​and / or agreed partner products and fincustomjigs ​​and / or affiliate tags depending on the social media channel). The more posts, the better!

- publications of product images and videos

- Ability to cooperate

- Good attitude

- As much time on water as possible and participation in various fishing tournaments as a member of the Fincustomjis Pro Team.

- Development ties, product design and feedback on product functionality and user experiences

What does a Pro team member get?

- High-quality products from Fincustomjigs ​​and its partners (to be specified in the terms and conditions of representation)

- Your own personal code that can be used in social media posts. With each new purchase made with a team member's code, the team member gets added value to their future lurebox. Your own activity on social media affects the value of the benefits you receive. For more information, see the terms and conditions of representation.

- Team support and good teammates!

- Good discounts on partner services and products.

Apply to our Pro Team via the form below!

Start the application process by filling out the form below. Provide as much information about yourself as possible through the form so we can determine if you are the right champion for our team!

Application period 24.12.2020 until 24.00.

We will read all applications through December 25, 2020 and will respond to all applicants.

The new, supplemented Fincustomjigs ​​Pro Team will be released on the website and in Some on 1.1.2021

Fincustomjigs Pro Team -application