Fin Custom Jigs Pro Team has been put together!


aaaand yet again I'm late with these texts. Sorry for that. 

Does anyone even read these? Should i stop writing?

Anyways, as many already know about social media updates, the Fin Custom Jigs Pro Team for the 2021 season has been put together and the team members were released on social media on 1.1.2020.

Awesome team. An exciting year is definitely coming!

The Pro team received a wild number of applications, from different age groups and around the world, and we faced quite a challenge when we started to combine and think about the team as a whole.

Unfortunately, the pro team can only accommodate a limited number of members - otherwise we would have included all the applicants!

Soon we will be able to update here, on the Pro team tab, for a more detailed introduction to the pro team members.

We recommend following the team members in the social media so you won't miss a thing from this adventure.

More information coming, follow instragram and facebook!

Happy New Year 2021!

- fincustomjigs team / N