New in the online store: VIB Blade Ghost!


Today, the newest addition to the VIB Blade product family has been added to the online store: Ghost. Here is something completely new for perch fishermen for the coming season.

How Ghost differs from the so-called. from a normal VIB Blade?

This model does not have a fixed hook, but a closed loop on which it is possible to install the desired hook size and model (for example, Normal 2/0, 3/0 hook with jig, Offset hook with desired jig, three-prong hook or color hook).

Thanks to the closed loop, an additional joint is attached to the hook attachment, which makes the lure constantly fishing.

Choose from 5 colors in sizes 10g, 12g, 15g and 25g.

Pssst. in addition, 7.5 cm long Polarbite jig heads suitable for VIB Blades and Ghosts have been added to the online store. Check it out!

- FCJ Team / N