Pro Teams photoshoot


Last Saturday was spent in an interesting atmosphere in Kerava, Finland. Almost all members of the Fin Custom Jigs pro team arrived, with the exception of Riku and foreign reinforcements Alex, Tommy and Martin.

Visiting stars also included  Jontte and Lassi from Polarbite and Captain Ollie.

The photographer (video and photography) was Roope Honkapirtti.

The members of the team got acquainted with the product offerings of Polarbite, Fin Custom Jigs and Nordic Sports Finland, and all members found something "new and exciting" .

The day was rewarding and all the members present performed excellently in the torturous description of the video presentation! As you might have guessed, the mood was relaxed and full of humor. There was never a moment of silence.

Awesome set in the form of pictures as well as videos.

More on the topic as soon as the image and video material has been processed.

Happy spring to all!

- FCJ Team/ N