We are vikings!


Now all the perch and pike fishermen listen up!

Finally, a new Viking series can be found in the online store.

The Viking product line is designed to be different. This set includes a variety of spinners and buzzbait lures. This series will grow and receive reinforcements in the future.

  • Buzzbait, Surface lure for perch and pike

With fast winding, the product comes along the surface, creating splashes, vibrations and noise. The damper rotates in the surface membrane of the water, breaking it with a pulsating sound. Really efficient surface fishing form and being able to fish in the same places as the spinners. 4/0 The articulated hook makes it possible to hook even the worst grains. The weight of the product is 15g (total about 20g), the hook is 4/0 joint hook.

  • The Viking Pike collection consists of two smaller spinners

The product family includes models with 15g (total weight about 20g) and 10g (total weight about 15g) knobs. The products are designed for Finnish Pike, perch and Bass fishing. Hook joint hook 4/0 (hook easy to change to the desired hook). Dampers Willow # 4.5 and # 4 and a silicone skirt 13cm, which is also easy to change. Remember that you can also order replacement skirts from us.

Our Viking series has started its world conquest in Italy, and you can follow the success of the Fin Custom Jigs Italian team and the Viking series on Instagram and Facebook.

Are these actions appropriate for the target audience? Do you catch the fish? I can answer that: YES! Choose your favorite and test yourself (we will not take responsibility if you do not catch the fish).

psst. is there anything you'd like to see in the FCJ selections but isn't there yet? ?

-FCJ team / N