Website and e-commerce statistics for 2020


Now that 2020 is behind us, we can look with interest at what kind of people has visited our website and online store over the past year.

Or well, more specifically, between August and December 2020. E-commerce and website when established in August 2020,

Below are some interesting facts from August to December 2020 (~ 5 months):

  • The page has 10,625 site views.
  • There have been 1,479 individual visitors
  • 79.92% of the site's visitors have been from Finland, 8.86% from the United States and 3.52% from Spain. There have also been visitors e.g. From Sweden, France, Norway, Korea, Switzerland, India, Africa and China.
  • 87% of visitors have been men, 13% have been women.
  • The most visited people on the site are in the age range: 55-64 years (22.10%) and the next most visitors are in the age range: 25-34 years (21.81%)
  • Most people have come to the site via Facebook (39.07%). From Instagram, 10.12% of visitors found their way to the site. 20.81% of visitors came to the site directly.
  • 78.23% of visitors visited the website on a mobile phone, 19.88% on a computer and 1.89% on a tablet,
  • 59.63% of you visitors used Android and 40.25% used iOS
  • The top 3 most popular pages were: Ecommerce, Home (12.08%), Chatterbaits (4.73%) and third Spinnerbaits (3.92%)
  • Top 3 most purchased products have been: Vol 2.0 1001, red-gold (22.74%), vol 2.0 1002 silver-black (7.60%) and vol 2.0 1003, blue-silver (7.60%)

Thank you to all visitors to the site! You are awesome :)

-Fin Custom Jigs team / N